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Technical Data

Our windows have been tested by independent laboratories on several aspects of technical performance. The results are below:


U-value of .48 in combination with single pane window, as determined by John M. Yellott Laboratories, Arizona, in tests performed August 5, 1982. 

Heat loss reduction of 412.5 BTU/hr/sg ft (from 687.0 to 274.5) when applied to single pane window. 60% net reduction of heat transfer. As determined by Architectural Testing Inc., York, PA, in tests performed January.

Air Infiltration 

Less than .01 cfm/lineal foot crack space, compared to DOE standard for storm windows of 2.0. Tested with 25 mph wind equivalent at The Associated Laboratories , Dallas, using ASTM E-283 test method. Similar results at the John M. Yellott Laboratories, above.

Sound Control

The STC rating of a single pane window is STC 22-25; a double pane window is STC 27-32. Our soundproof window inserts installed with a single pane window obtains an STC rating of 40-44. A soundproof insert installed with a double-paned window obtains an STC of 48-50.

Ultraviolet Light (UV) Control 

1/4" laminated glass - UV between 300 and 355 reduced by 99%; 360 and 375 reduced by 97%.

Magnetic Holding Force

12.1.2 lb/lin. ft, commercial grade

.9 lb/lin. ft, residential grade

Sound and Noise Ordinances




Ft. Worth

Sound Meter Apps for Smartphones

Sound Meter Apps are very helpful to determine differences in noise contribution of your walls and windows. Although, they are not as accurate as dedicated sound meters in terms of decibels, they will give you direct feedback regarding where the biggest sound problems are. Here's a link to a study by the CDC of sound measurement apps.CDC-Evaluation of smartphone sound measurement apps

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