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Noisy Neighbors? Try Soundproof Window Panels

Your home should be the place you can relax and recharge after a long day. Frequently, however, the drone of outdoor equipment, parties, music and loud conversations shatters the calm. Restore your peace with soundproof window panels that insulate your home from noise and weather and help you save on your energy bill. 



  • Our soundproof window panels block 70%-80% of the sound of women's voices because they're frequently in a higher pitch. 

voices women


  • We block 60%-70% of the noise of men's voices since they are often in a lower pitch.

voices men


Music can frequently reach levels louder than 65 decibels, the maximum allowed by the typical city noise ordinance.


  • Our soundproof window panels block 40%-50% of bass noise.
  • A bass can cause vibration, which soundproof window panels cannot stop.

music bass

Middle-Pitched Music

  • Our soundproof window panels block 60%-80% of the noise from middle-pitched music.
  • The music can cause vibration, in addition to airborne noise.

music middle

High-Pitched Music

  • SSW soundproof window panels block 80%-95% of the noise from high-pitched music.

music high

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